PROFILE ______________________________________________ Birth: Born in Fukuoka, Raised in Tokyo, Japan Education: Hibiya High School Nihon University College of Arts Bungakuza School of Acting PHIL GUSHEE STUDIO NEW YORK Skills: Fluency in English, Ski, Tennis Hobbies: Songwriting, Computer/Internet, Travels, Music, Acting, Theatre/Movie, Reading, Cooking Production/Director__________________________________________ NHK 2000 "News 23" Director/Researcher/Coordinator/Reporter on 2000 World Series (Baseball) "Subway Series" NTV 1999 "Jurassic TV" music program Director/Researcher/Coordinator/Reporter Impress 1997-98 RealAudio Broadcast Masshy Kawaguchi from New York (production & starring) TV (Journalism)__________________________________________ SKYPERFECT TV 2007 "Major League Baseball Guide" Reporting from Boston and New York NIKKEI CNBC 2005-2006 "Economy Live! Manhattan Express" NY Financial News Reporter BS-i 6Ch 2002 "i-style" Masayo's Child Rearing Diary NHK-BS 2002 "A Story of an Afghan American Baker" Narration NHK-BShi 2002 2002 New Year Countdown Live Broadcast Reporter NHK-BShi 2002 Yukutoshi Kurutoshi New Years Report from New York NHK-BShi 2001 "Go Go Market" Quiz game Report from Seattle TV-Asahi 2001 New York World Trade Center 9-11 2001 Terror Attack Live Reporter NHK 2001 Midnight Kingdom New York Entertainment Reporter (Thursday regular) Bloomberg TV 2000 Daily Live Financial Report from the New York Stock Exchange NHK 2000 2000 Countdown Live Broadcast Reporter NTV 1999 Evening News "News Plus One" Gwyneth Paltrow Interview NTV 1999 "Jurassic TV" music program Director/Reporter TV-Asahi 1998 "Super Morning" (News Magazine) U.S. Research & Reporting TV-Asahi 1998 "Super Sunday" Report on Major League Baseball TV-Asahi 1998 "Golden Time" Report on U.S. NHRA Racing TV-Tokyo 1997 "Hong-Kong Return Day Live News Report" NTV 1997 "Tokuhou Oukoku" (The Scoop World) U.S. reporting TV-Tokyo 1996 "Morning News" Research & Reporting from New York TV-Tokyo 1995-96 "INTERNET EXPRESS"Main Broadcaster TV-Tokyo 1993 "Travel Information Report" Reporter TV-Tokyo 1993 "Wednesday Special Travel Report" World Travel Reporter TV-Asahi 1991-93 "Car Graphic TV" Automotive Journalist TV-Asahi 1993 "Paris-Dakar Motor Rally" Anchor TV-Asahi 1991-92 "Travel Information Report" Reporter Fuji-TV 1993-94 "World Cup Ski News Report" Anchor TBS 1989 "Morning Hotline" Foreign Travel Reporter TBS 1989 "With Love Around the World" Foreign Travel Reporter NTV 1988 "Earth Talk & Talk" Foreign Correspondence NTV 1988 Japanese Prime Minister's Office Production "Special Report from Canada" Foreign Correspondence TV (Entertainment)________________________________________ SKY PERFECT TV 2007 "Major League Baseball Guide" Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, Reporter NHK-BS 2004 "The 58th Annual Tony Awards" co-hosted with Amon Miyamoto TV-Tokyo 2002 "Searching for the legend, Zippo Lighter", an hour program special co-reporting with actor Hisahiro Ogura NHK-BS 2002 "The 56th Annual Tony Awards" co-hosted with Amon Miyamoto NHK-BS 2001 "The 55th Annual Tony Awards" co-hosted with Toshiaki Karasawa TV-Tokyo 2001 "Real New York with Rie Hasegawa", as a New York expert NTV 1998 Music Report on Bossanova from New York NHK-BS 1996 "Made in NY" Reporter NHK 1996 One Point English Lesson Show NTV 1995 "PGA Golf Tour Broadcast" from Ohio, USA NHK 1991 "Asian Music Festival" Anchor NHK-BS 1991 "Hiroshima Peace Concert" MC NHK 1990-92 "Music Box" Music News Program MC NHK 1990 "Young Battle" Music Contest MC & Report Fuji-TV 1988-89 "Super Music Live" Foreign Artist Interviewer NHK 1988 "The Late Show" Live Music Program MC NHK 1988 "The Sound Plaza" Live Music Program MC TV-Tokyo 1985-87 "Rock TV" Music Program Video Jockey TBS 1984 "Junior High Teacher Senpachi" Main Character (Actress) RADIO________________________________________________ JOLF 2004 "Morning with Takuro Morinaga Live Report from New York JOLF 2004 "New York Yankees - New York Mets subway Series Game Live Broadcast guest commentator from Yankee Stadium JOLF 2003 "Nippon Hoso Baseball Special Live from New York on the eve of 2003 World Series, Reporting JOQR 2002-2003 "Niss DJ Request Parade" 20th Reunion of the Miss Disc Jockey Personality. Original Member. MBS 2001 "2001 September 11 Terrorist Attack" Live Reporting from New York MBS 2001 "Enrepo" Masshy Kawaguchi's New York Report NHK-FM 1997 "New York Entertainment Information" MC BAY-FM78 1994-97 "Tokyo Bay Morning" Reporting from New York BAY-FM78 1995-97 "Maribu Paradise Alley" Reporting from New York ZIP-FM 1997 "Hip Hop Culture in NY" Reporting from New York ZIP-FM 1995 "Times Square Countdown Live" Reporting from New York JOQR 1994- "Tokimeki Memorial" Voice-over as Ayako Katagiri TOKYO-FM 1993-94 "Big Bang Tokyo" Morning News Program (3hrs show) TOKYO-FM 1992-93 "California Beat" Music Program DJ BAY-FM78 1990-92 "Car Graphic Radio" Automotive Journalism Report BAY-FM78 1990-92 "Saturday Bracing Morning" Sponsor: Chiba Prefectural Government FM-YOKOHAMA 1989-90 "Ebony Eyes" Soul Music Program DJ JOQR 1982 "Miss DJ Request Parade" Debut as a College Student DJ INTERNET______________________________________________ 2001 Masshy Kawaguchi New York Report Internet Broadcast 1997-98 RealAudio Broadcast Masshy Kawaguchi from New York (production & starring) 1997-98 Asahi Digital Advertisement Award 1997,1998 (Judge) 1998 ROLAND Desktop Music Awards WORLD PC EXPO (Makuhari, Japan) (Judge) JOURNALISTIC PUBLICATION______________________________ 1995- Internet Magazine (Impress Corporation) Columnist 1999 Tokyo Chunichi Shinbun Newspaper: Article on Performance Enhancement Drugs in Sports. Research, Coordination, Interview (Mark McGwire and Ben Johnson) Voice Overs and CD-ROM________________________________________________ 2008-now Rosetta Stone Japanese Language Version female voice 1995-2008 Fuji Sankei International Channel New York Local Japanese Commercial Voice Overs 1998 Irodori no Lovesong Tokimeki Memorial Drama series vol.2 (Starring Character- Ayako Katagiri) 1994-1999 "Tokimeki Memorial" Voice-over as Ayako Katagiri (released song albums) EVENT________________________________________________ "Japan Youth Planetary Society" MC "Japan-Brazil Emigration Centennial Celebration Concert MC "Reiji Matsumoto's Ecological Seminar" MC "Volvo Ski Team Ski Show" MC THEATRE_______________________________________________ 1992 "Little Women" as Meg (Eldest) 1991 "The One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" as Sandra 1990 "Flowers for Algernon" as Lily 1989 "Shinjuku Oldies ACB" as Cathy 1988 "Rhapsody on the Hill" as Madonna SINGER SONGWRITER_____________________________________ Album CD masshy@love.net 1998 on sale Sukinamamade Sukideii You can say! Aya's Cooking Lesson Melty (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Koi wa Dodohodo ni Kokoro Made Tasogare ga MIRACLE OF THE CENTURY Ayaui Symmetry Japanese Girl (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Natsu Shoujo (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) SMILE Album CD MESSAGE (As Ayako Katagiri) 1998 on sale Jump Jive NIGHT Draft Beat Tomorrow`Only You` Sketch (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Go! Go! Parameter~Ayako~ Ginga Ryokou (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Aya's swing Ame wo Dakishimetai Message Parade ga Hajimaru Single CD "Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol.2~Irodori no Lovesong Theme music 1998 on sale Tomorrow Nichiyou no Ameno you ni Above CD is from KONAMI & KING RECORD. Album CD "SALUTE, Goaisatsu" Fall in love (Song written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Miss Jap (Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Salmon Pink (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Show Window (Song written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Natsu Shoujo (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Yasashii Affair (Song written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Saishin Jouhou Last Waltz Melty (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Oyasuminasai (Song written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Single "Yasashii Affair" Yasashii Affair (Song written by Masayo Kawaguchi) KISS (Song written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Single "Period" Period Melty (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Single "MISS CALL" MISS CALL (Song written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Natsu Shoujo (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Single "Memoir" Memoir (Song written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Ai no Imagination above released from FORLIFE RECORDS OVA "Greed" SOUNDTRACK AMBITIOUS (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Unreleased songs Ka-chou-fuu-getsu (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) Sakurakko (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi) for Hiroko Mita Album "Juuroku Karat no Hitomi" CBS/SONY Japanese Girl (Song/Lyrics written by Masayo Kawaguchi)

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